Monday, March 31, 2014

New Releases March 24 - 29

Dear Readers,

I hope that by this point the threat of snow has been taken out of the forecast for a while... a long while, like at least 6 months.  Maybe one or two of these books are already on your to be read list.  I can think of a couple that are on mine.

Happy Reading,

Circle of Spies - Roseanna M. White - #3 in the Culper Ring Series - Marietta never would have chosen to be a spy, even with her family's history of it.  Slade is determined to infiltrate the cell of southern spies, but he doesn't know if he can trust the lady of the house or not.

The Queen's Handmaiden - Tracy L. Higley - Lydia is the handmaiden to Cleopatra and her young son.  But when Lydia's mentor is murder, she decides to deliver the old scrolls to Jerusalem herself.  Can she deliver them safely before they fall into the wrong hands and are destroyed forever. 

Just 18 Summers - Rene Gutteridge/Michelle Cox - (from the back cover) "With just 18 summers before their children are grown, how do (parents) make the most of that time when life gets in the way."

A Plain Man - Mary Ellis - After years in the Englisch world, Caleb decides it is time to return to his Amish roots.  But returning means more than just giving up his Levi and driving a buggy.  Josie Yoder is glad to have Caleb back in her life, but will the past destroy their budding romance?

Visible Threat - Janice Cantore - book #3 of the Brinna Caruso series - Brinna is asked to help solve the murder of a young lady found with a strange tattoo on her hip.  What Brinna finds is something more dangerous than anything she experienced before, a human trafficking ring.

Caught in the Middle - Regina Jennings - Two people with two very different dreams are caught in a small town after their train is robbed.  When they decide to team up and try to figure out what to do with the abandoned baby they are left with they find out their dreams might not be that different.

The Amish Groom - Mindy Starns Clark/Susan Meissner - #1 the Men of Lancaster County - Torn between two worlds, Tyler needs to decide if he is going stay in the Amish community where he was raised after his mother passed or return to the Englisch world that his father is part of.

An Amish Garden - Beth Wiseman/Kathleen Fuller/Tricia Goyer/Vannetta Chapman - Four different stories of why a garden is a great place to hear God's voice.

Rainy Day Dreams - Lori Copeland/Virginia Smith - Seattle Brides #2 - Kathryn is sent to Seattle to find a husband.  It is the end of the world as far as she is concerned.  Jason has no time for romance, but he can't get Kathryn off his mind.

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