Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Release - Distortion - Terri Blackstock

Dear Readers,

Terri Blackstock has delighted readers for years now and they eagerly look forward to each of her releases.  Distortion is the newest in the Moonlighters series and readers are responding with great excitement.  On the day that it hit the shelves people were coming in and asking for it, which is not as common as it use to be for a fiction book, but that tells you a lot about fans of Terri. 

Juliet's husband is murdered in front of her in what she believes is a random shooting, that is until she gets home and receives a threatening voicemail.  What dark secrets did Bob keep from her? Who is this stranger that she was married to?  Was he really just an innocent victim or is he a criminal that finally had his evil deeds catch up with him?

This latest series by Terri once again reminds us why Terri is one of the best in the fields of suspense writing in the Christian fiction market.  Her books are fast paced, with just enough creep to keep you up at night.  It is hard to lay the book down until you have read the last page. 

Happy Reading

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