Friday, March 21, 2014

New Release - Storming the Black Ice - Don Brown

Dear Readers,

The world's largest oil field is found under Antarctica.  No one country can claim it, and the battle between the countries to claim the economic power is going to be fierce.   A surprise attack against a British outpost triggers a war that pushes the world to the brink of WWIII. 

This is the story line behind the third book in the Pacific Rim Series by Don Brown, Storming the Black Ice.  What if the next riches oil field is in an  a place where no one country holds the rights to it? 

Don Brown must love the what if questions.  What if oil was discovered?  What if several countries scrabbled to lay claim to it?  You get the idea and what we get from those questions are a international thriller that could easily be part of our headlines. 

There are times when I have been reading a Don Brown book and I have to struggle to remember what I heard on the news and what I read in his book.  That is what makes them so interesting and fun to read.

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