Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Release - The Thief - Stephanie Landsem

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As Easter approaches we all start to focus on the cross and the journey made to make it.  In the fiction department there is not one book to help you focus on Lent and the time leading up to Good Friday and Resurrection day, but there are several really good ones that help you focus on more of what was going on at that time.  The Thief by Stephanie Landsem is on of those. 

Nissa has no hope of a marriage.  Living in Jerusalem during the Roman rule she has little choice but to depend on Mouse, the best thief in town.  At least her blind brother, Cedron,is taken care of and the landlord is happy.

After her brother is miraculously healed, Nissa, Cedron and Longinus, a Roman centurion, want to learn more about the miracle worker from Galilee.  The end up getting caught up in his trial and crucifixion they need to decide if the love He offered was what they have been looking for all along or is it just another false prophet.

What was Israel like in the time of Jesus?  What did the rumors of the long promise Messiah mean to them?  What did His death mean to them also?  Did they understand what he actually meant when He talked of freedom from our bonds? 

It is all a wonderful and interesting way to think of the Bible stories that we are all so familiar with.  Normal everyday life would have marched on after that Passover weekend, but to many it would never be the same. 

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