Monday, March 17, 2014

New Releases March 10 - 15

Dear Readers,

Just a few days ago I noticed something strange, well besides the fact that I was walking outside with out my abominable snowman suit on as it was warm, I was hearing a strange sound.  It was the birds singing and I am thinking we are getting to the point where this yucky white stuff might go away and we can enjoy the outdoor reading season again soon.

Happy Reading,

Healer of Carthage - Lynne Gentry - The Carthage Chronicles #1 - Lisbeth believes the only way to save her career is to join her father's archaeological dig.   While investigating a cave, she falls through a hole that lands her in Carthage during the Roman times. 

Vow Unbroken - Caryl McAdoo - A Lone Star Novel #1 - Forced to bring her own cotton to market, Susannah hires a veteran with a not so clean reputation.  Henry has a few demons since the civil war, but maybe Susannah's belief in him will change everything.

Dancing with Fireflies - Denise Hunter - A Chapel Springs Romance #3- Jade McKinley could wait to leave Chapel Spring behind, but now she is forced to return.  Daniel has loved Jade for years, and now he has a second chance to win her love.

Distortion - Terri Blackstock - Moonlighters Series #2 - Juliet sees her husband murdered by what she thought was a random shooting, until she arrives back home and hears the threatening voicemail.  She realizes that she and her children are at risk until she can figure out all the secrets of his past.

The Devil Walks in Mattingly - Billy Coffey - (from the back cover) For three people, secretly complicit in a young man's death, redemption is their most precious desire... and the last thing any of them ever expect to receive.

Sincerely Yours - Jane Kirkpatrick/Amanda Cabot/Laurie Alice Eakes/Ann Shorey - 4 different woman spanning the history of America.  Each very different but all find their paths change by one letter.

For Such a Time - Kate Breslin - Stella Muller isn't whom she seems to be.  She is really a Jewess hiding in plain sight.  She is able to work for a German while working to save her people from the death camps.

A Beauty so Rare - Tamera Alexander - #2 A Belmont Mansion Novel - Eleanor never plans on marring, but her aunt has other idea for her.  While Eleanor tries to start a place for widows and orphans of the civil war, her aunt is trying to marry her to a man she doesn't love.

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