Thursday, March 20, 2014

Joel Rosenberg

Dear Readers, 
I am not sure how I have managed to read so many books about prison camps this year, with a little too much focus on Auschwitz.  It seems to be something more than one author has decided to focus on this year.  I am learning I need to space them apart a little or it can be a bit overwhelming. 
The Auschwitz Escape is written by New York bestseller Joel Rosenberg and takes a step away from his action/adventure books he has been writing.  Instead of our main characters fighting to save the world, Jacob ends up in Auschwitz and all he can think of is escaping.  He winds up with a group that is trying to make sure that someone escapes and tells the world what is going on at these death camps. 
As the story moves along, it can actually cause you to stress a bit as life becomes more and more stressful for the prisoners.  Each word, each movement or non-movement at the wrong time can get you killed.  Food is scarce and men and women will turn on each other over the smallest scrap of bread.  
I was going to continue on there, but I really didn't want to give away the plot-line and whether Jacob and the band of resistance men inside the camp succeed in the plot to let the world know. As I read the book, I am reminded of how little America did to help the Jews during WWII.  The government refused to accept the refugees and even turned a blind eye to any and all reports coming out of Germany and Poland of the death camps. 
I enjoyed this book in a very uncomfortable way.  It is not an easy little read for a Saturday afternoon, but Joel is a good author and he reminds us that man can do and does awful stuff to their fellow man all because they believe they are right.
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