Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lis Wiehl

Dear Readers,
Conspiracy theories are one of the favorite threads to follow for authors.  Snapshot by Lis Wiehl is one of them.  She doesn't use an actual assassination of a civil rights leader, but she does set the flash backs to the 60's during a time in America's history of great turmoil. 
SnapshotTime is running out for Leonard Dubois.  He has sat in federal prison for the murder of Benjamin Gray for over 40 years.  James Walden knows the wrong man was arrested, but he has no proof.  He has no way to prove that there were other forces at work on the fateful day in Fort Worth Texas.
There is that chance his daughter remembers something, as she accompanied him that day.  She doesn't seem to even remember that day, but James is hoping that a picture will help her remember if she saw the actual killer or not.  Leonard's life depends on her memory or their ability to find the other little girl in the picture. 
Many people believe in the conspiracies of Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassinations and Liz uses those topics to write a conspiracy of her own where... oh wait I can't say that it will give too much of the story away. You will just have to read it on your own.   
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