Monday, March 3, 2014

New Releases - February 24 - March 1st

Dear Readers,

Oh to be back where the sun shines everyday and the temps are well above freezing.  *Sigh*  I guess I will just stay inside and enjoy a few more good reads. 

Happy reading,

Love Comes Calling - Siri Mitchell - A friend asks Ellis to fill in for her as a phone operator.  Ellis sees it as a chance to sharpen her acting skills.  Everything is going great until she over hears a phone call that seems to threaten a close friend.

Shining Light - Judith Miller - Home to Amana # 3 - After the loosing her husband, Andrea decides to return home with her son.  But all she finds is heartache, the family farm has burned and the father has dies.  The Amana colony is where she turns to finds help.

A Heart's Rebellion - Ruth Axtell - Jessamine is tired of waiting for a man to decide he wants to marry her.  She is ready to take society by storm and hits the London Season, where she finds a rakish suitor more than ready to help her.

In the Shadow of Jezebel - Mesu Andrews - Trained as a priestess for Ball, Jehosheba, tries to keep Queen Athaliah happy.  Married off to a priest of Yahweh to farther Jezebel and Athaliah's power, she realizes there is at stake than earthly power.

Death by the Book - Julianna Deering - #2 A Drew Farthering Mystery - Drew and Madeline are once again involved in a murder mystery.  This one is puzzling them and there seems to be no connection between the victims.

Summer of Joy - Ann H. Gabhart - #3 The Heart of Hollyhill - re-release- As the summer of 1964 draws to a close, two people arrive in Hollyhill.  Each one comes for different reason, but each will stir things up for Jocie and her family.

My Mother's Chamomile - Susie Finkbeiner - The Eliot family is used to assisting people in the time of their greatest need, now they will need comforting and support for others.  Will they make it through the drought to find God's promises of comfort again?

Shunned and Dangerous - Laura Bradford - An Amish Mystery #3 - Claire loves living in Heavenly PA.  She has gotten to know the local Amish community and admire their way of life.  She is ready to enjoy the famous corn maze of Mose Fisher, but when she finds a dead body in the rows, she knows there is a more serious puzzle to solve.

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