Friday, March 4, 2016


Dear Readers,

Sometimes you are reading along in a delightful book and a passage really strikes you.  Sometimes it is because of where you are in life.  Sometimes it is just a beautifully written passage.  Sometimes it is because it feels like the author got into your head.  And sometimes it is because it explains why you love something so much.

I just had that with The Bronte Plot by Katherine Reay.  The book came out several months ago and I kept putting it off because I was savoring the thought of reading it.  I just knew I was going to love it and I am right.  I am so enjoying it.  This is not a review, but a passage about reading that I wanted to share.

When I first read it it stopped me short and I had to back peddle and read it again.  Which I did, and several times since.  It really does sum of reading very well.  I love how the main character refers to the books as her friends.  That is exactly right.

From The Bronte Plot by Katherine Reay - "Lucy Considered a moment. 'No... Not those.  Not here.'  She recognized the oddity of her comment. 'Besides, I'm not trying to collect books per se.  I like copies I can read and fold and wrestle around with.  The ones at the shop are too delicate to really dig into.'

James stared at her.  "I've never heard anyone talk about books like you do.  It's like they are your friends."

"Aren't they yours?"

James raised his eyebrow.

Lucy laughed. "Don't even. They're as much your friends as they are mine. I don't mean it in some strange or creepy antisocial way.  I mean that reading forms your opinions, your worldview, especially childhood reading, and anything that does that has an impact.  So call them friends, call some stories enemies if you want, but don't deny their influence."  She popped up straight.  " You learn drame from the Brontes; sense from Austen; social justice from Dickens; beauty from Wordsworth, Keat and Byron; patience and perseverance from Gaskell; and don't even get me started on exercising your imagination with Carroll, Doyle, Wells, Wilde, Stoker-" (end quote)

I know it is long, but that does about sum it up for us all who read.

Happy Reading and to finding a new friend,

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