Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fiona Smith

Dear Readers,

I seem to be on a kick with books set in England. Not sure why, maybe with the audio books I listen to it is because they are read in a lovely English accent. With the print books, I imagine it is just a great way to revisit London.  Whichever reason it is, I am really enjoying some great stories.  So when Kregel asked if anyone was interested in reading The Jazz Files by Fiona Smith, well of course I volunteered. 

The Jazz FilesA delightful mixture of Agatha Christie and the old dime novel detectives, Jazz Files was just a fun read.  With her quips and fast banter, I really found myself wishing I could meet Poppy.   Not only did she really have a lot of spunk, she also did what she needed to get the job done.  Set in the years between the wars, London during the roaring 20’s is a hoping place, but also one that is starting to move into an new era and the suffragette movement is in full swing. 

Poppy Denby applies for a job at the Daily Globe after she arrives in London to help take care of an elderly aunt.  It is only Poppy’s first day on the job and a senior reporter is killed while investigating a murder from several years earlier.  Poppy is asked to finish the story and she soon finds herself in peril.  Will she be able to survive as a reporter in the fast pace of London?  Will she figure out who wants to keep the murder quiet before they silence her? 

For those who are Downton Abbey fans, this would be an nice way to continue being a part of the 20’s in England.  It does have a bit more murder and intrigue than Downton did, but it adds to the story.  You find yourself following Poppy around hoping to discover the murderer before they discover you.  I know that I am looking forward to the next installment of the Poppy Denby Files. 

Happy Reading  

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