Monday, March 7, 2016

New Releases - February 29 - March 5

Dear Readers,

The weather forecast for the week this post releases is 60 degrees.  Does that mean spring is just around the corner?  Well yes, but it also can mean more snow here in West Michigan.  Oh well lots of new books to make it through whatever weather you have where you live.

Happy Reading,

The English Son - Wanda Brunstetter - #1 The Amish Millionaire - First of 6 novellas - Joel Byler is trying to live in the English world, but that requires money.  Money his eccentric father has, but how many time will Joel be welcomed back before his father won't give him more money.

The Red Door Inn - Liz Johnson - #1 Prince Edward Island Dreams - Marie and Seth agree on only one thing.  Helping Seth's Uncle get his dream B&B open in time for tourist season.  Marie is hiding from her overbearing father and Seth is trying to heal from his broken heart.

Playing the Part - Jen Turano - Lucetta's admirer suddenly takes on a threatening tone.  She is whisked away to Abigail Hart's grandson's estate.  He isn't quite what he seems to be and Lucetta can't ignore what is going on.  But will it turn dangerous also?

Annabel Lee - Mike Nappa - #1 A Coffey and Hill Novel - Annabel Lee's "Uncle" has hidden her in a bunker deep in the Alabama swamp.  Trudi Coffey is hired to find a secret for a Dr. Smith.  She doesn't know that the secret is Annabel Lee.  She just knows she can't trust Dr. Smith and she needs to contact her ex.

A Fool and his Monet - Sandra Orchard - #1 Serena Jones Mystery - Serena has two passions, recovering lost and stolen art and finding her grandfather's killer.  She is hoping the first will lead to the second.  When a local museum discovers a Monet missing, she is ready to help, but it will it lead to her being in over her head?

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