Monday, March 14, 2016

New Releases March 7 - 12

Dear Readers,

All was right with my world the other day.  I had had a frustrating day at work, nothing major, just normal stuff that wouldn't go right.  That evening my husband and I were finally able to sit and relax and low and behold a spring training game was on tv.  My husband started watching, I grabbed the book I was reading and suddenly the rest of the world didn't matter.  *Sigh* ready for those long summer afternoons of warmth, baseball and books.

Happy Reading,

Flirtation Walk - Siri Mitchell - Lucinda wants to turn her life around, well at least the part that is related to her con man father.  Seth wants to graduate from West Point and be sent out west to find the man who stole his sister's money.  Will two people headed in different directions be able to help each other?

A Treasure Concealed - Tracie Peterson - #1 Sapphire Brides - Emily Carver longs for a home of her own.  The life following her father to different gold mining camps makes it difficult to see how that dream will be fulfilled.  Caeden is a young geologist who is use to seeing those seeking riches, but when he meets Emily he finds something different.

Dressed for Death - Julianna Deering - #4 A Drew Farthering Mystery - When Alice, a fiancee of a friend of Drew's, dies, questions are asked whether it was an accident or murder.  Drew is even farther unsettled by the fact that someone he knows and trusted all his life is accused of smuggling drugs into the country.  When asked to help the investigation, Drew is not able to decide if he can help or not.

A Powerful Secret - Kevin Leman/Jeff Nesbit - #2 The Worthington Destiny - Left picking up the pieces after his brother walks away from the Senate race, Sean Worthington struggles to find answers for anyone.  Including his father is once again backing the perfect son, Will.

A Churn for the Worse - Laura Bradford - #5 An Amish Mystery - An amish farmer is found dead in his barn.  The family sees it as the will of God, but Detective Jakob Fisher knows he didn't hit himself in the head and the missing cash leads him to believe it is a robbery gone wrong.

Behold the Man - Brock and Bodie Thoene - #3 Jerusalem Chronicles - The conclusion to the story of Jesus' last days on earth through the eyes of three very different people.  Pilate and his wife and a centurion who is caught between his love of his country and his new belief in Jesus.

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