Wednesday, March 30, 2016

James Rubart

Dear Readers,

The 5 times I met Myself by James Rubart is a book that I was really interested in reading when it first hit the shelves here at Baker Book House.  I have read several of James’ books and they have always made me think about the message inside.  None of them are what would be considered “normal” fiction but they are just outside the norm.  He really does have a unique way of looking at things.

Brock Matthews has had a reoccurring dream.  It is so realistic that he is having a hard time letting it go.  He is talking to his father, dead for many years, and his father ends up yelling “Get Ready.” It leaves Brock confused and a bit concerned.  He eventually borrows a book on dreams and how to control them.  Suddenly Brock finds himself in control of more than his dream, he is now in control of his life choices from when he was younger.  He is ready to change his history, including winning against his brother. 

Okay so that was a very simple description of the book.  It is a bit more complicated than that, but it really got me thinking what I would tell my 23 year old self.  Who hasn’t said to themselves, “If I had only known this when I was younger.”  Well, James gives us that chance to see what might or might not happen if we were allowed to time travel and change the past. 

Of course we have all seen Back to the Future and how Marty changed things for good.  But this book makes you rethink that.  If you believe God is in control of the world then everything has happened for a reason and we should not change it, as it is what makes us who we are today.  Wow that is pretty profound from a fiction book. J 

I am looking forward to James’ next book and what adventure he takes us on next.

Happy Reading,

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