Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Liz Johnson

Dear Readers,

I am going to make a confession.  I am not a huge fan of Anne of Green Gables.  Boy that feels good to confess. :-)  I have read the first book of the series and enjoyed it well enough, but never became a huge fan.  I can’t tell you why, as I really never thought about it.  But with all the interest about L.M. Montgomery series lately I just felt like I would be judged negatively for that.

The+Red+Door+InnOkay with that said I want to also go on to say, I would really like to visit Prince Edwards Island.  It sounds like a beautiful place.  One that has some very unique qualities about it and one that would be like no place else on earth.

The next best thing to a vacation there is a book set on PEI.  The Red Door Inn by Liz Johnson was the answer to that problem.  This is a delightful read about a man trying to fulfill his late wife’s dream.  She had always dreamed of a place for people to not only enjoy the lovely island, but also a place that they could find safety and maybe even themselves.  What a beautiful dream for a bed and breakfast.

Jack is that gentleman looking to see his wife’s dream come true.  He and his nephew Seth have been working hard to get their new inn open before tourist season.  If you miss one season you might not make it to the next one because the season on the island is so short.  Jack has a chance encounter with Marie at the ferry station.  Marie does not have enough money to buy a ticket to the one place she is sure she will find some peace.  Jack notices and offers to buy her a ticket and in return she can help him decorate and paint his bed and breakfast so it is ready for the tourist season.  Marie isn’t sure she will stay as she is on the run from her father.

Marie, Seth and Jack all come with their own pieces of baggage and they each need to find healing.  But will they be able to find the help they need with each other?

This is a promising start to a new series with the Red Door Inn and its new owners.  I will be interested to see what and who is led to the Red Door Inn next.

Happy Reading, 

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