Monday, March 28, 2016

New Releases - March 21- 26

Dear Readers,

I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter.  Ours was bit different because we made plans to be out of town without realising that it was Easter weekend.  So no family get together, but a pleasant time anyways.

I hope you can find a couple good books on this list to add to the TBR pile.

Happy Reading,

From Bags to Riches - Sandra D. Bricker - #3 A Jessie Stanton Novel - Jessie is moving on.  She is working hard to put Louisiana in the rearview mirror and her little boutique is starting to make a real name for itself.  But her pesky ex husband shows up and is interested in winning the new version of Jessie back.

Return to Paradise - Barbara Cameron - #1 the Coming Home series - David Stoltzfus left the Amish Community behind, encouraging his siblings to also leave mostly to escape their abusive father.   Finding a new life in the Englisch world is the only way to keep them all safe.  But now his father is dying of cancer and the girl he left behind is hoping to help him make peace with his father before it is too late.

 The Goodbye Bride - Denise Hunter - #2 A Summer Harbor Novel - Lucy has no memory of the last several months.  She has no idea why she broke it off with her fiance just weeks before her wedding.  She has no idea why she would leave town  either. All she remembers is that she loves Zac and wants him back.  But does Zac believe she won't leave again after her memory is restored?

The Hearts We Mend - Kathryn Springer - #1 A Banister Falls Novel - Evie's life is about to change.  After 13 years of just her and her son Cody, he is marrying the love of his life.  They have shared a bond since the loss of his father.  Now she finds herself becoming tangles with a guy who is her exact opposite.

Song of Silence - Cynthia Ruchti - Lucy is forced out of her job as music educator for the K-8th grades.  It has been the job of her heart, stepping into the music program, a program her father started.  After she leaves, she watches the program fall apart and she begins to wonder if even her faith song has left her.  That is until she meets a very special boy and his mother.

Counted with the Stars - Connilyn Cossette - #1 Out from Egypt - The story of Kiya a women sold into slavery, rejected by the man she was supposed to marry.  Kiya watches the plagues unfold on Egypt and decides to flee with the Israelites.  Now she has to choose between the past she knows and an unknown future.

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