Friday, February 19, 2016

What books am I excited about this year?

Dear Readers,

I was asked that question this weekend.  What books that are coming out am I looking forward to promoting and/or reading.  For a minute I paused because I wasn't sure how to answer that one.  But once I started thinking about it I knew the answer.  I also know that it is a fluid answer as things change, I find out about new books or get one in question read and then that becomes one on the list.

That just happened with Secret of Hummingbird Cake by Celeste Fletcher McHale.  I wasn't sure about the book until I had a chance to read it and then knew I had to share it with everyone I could.  So anyways here are a few titles I am looking forward to sharing with you all when they finally release.

Happy Reading,

Annabel Lee - Mike Nappa - A special little girl, a secret years old and a man obsessed about obtaining the secret.  - March

The Red Door Inn - Liz Johnson - Marie is looking to get away from a father who finds business more important than his own daughter.  Set on Prince Edward Island. - March

When Death Draws Near - Carrie Stuart Parks - #3 Gwen Marcey Series - Forensic artist is back and between jobs.  She takes a job in Kentucky where rape victims are vanishing after they report the crime.  She also goes undercover in a serpent-handling church to find out about their illegal activities.  - August

The Wedding Shop - Rachel Hauck - It’s the 1930s, and Cora is taking the reins at her family’s wedding shop in Heart’s Bend, Tennessee. Brides come from far away to be doted on by Cora and her family while they find the perfect wedding dress. - August

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