Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Release - The Peacock Throne - Lisa Karon Richardson

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I always enjoy finding new authors to read.  With the romantic suspense genre doing so well, it has been interesting to see the different ways that authors wade into those waters.  In fact historical romantic suspense is a growing category, which adds a nice twist to the original category.

The Peacock ThroneLisa Karon Richardson has joined the fun with The Peacock Throne.  It is a romance that has a very interesting mystery about a throne that was stolen years before.  Two men are murdered on the same night.  Two very different men with no connection to each other one an earl and the other in the seedier side of London. But as Lydia Garrett digs deeper into her guardian's death, she realizes that the two men are connected.

Years earlier they stole the Peacock Throne and it looks like the murderer is trying to find that throne.  Lydia enlists the help of the Earl's son, Anthony, to help her find the Throne and hopefully draw the murderer out.  That is unless they are killed along the way.

With the back drop of not only England in the 1800's but different places around the world, this story has a wonderful setting along with a intriguing storyline.  Not only do you get to solve a mystery, you get to wander around discovering new places along with interesting people.  It makes for a delightful and interesting read.

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