Thursday, February 18, 2016

Paul McCusker

Dear Readers,
I was asked to read The Body Under the Bridge by Paul McCusker by Kregel publishing group.  To be completely honest I was not completely sure what to expect.  I had never listened to any of the other Father Gilbert mysteries, which were done by Radio theater.  I am happy to say that I enjoyed this book enough to hunt down those audios and listen to them.  
Father Gilbert is an ex-detective who could no longer handle working at Scotland Yard, not only because of what he saw and experienced on the job but also what happened in his own life.  (Paul does a good job of reviewing and reminding readers/listeners of the back story.)  He is now a Father for a small church in a small Sussex town.  He really just wants to take care of his little flock and live quietly.  
One morning he is visited by Colin Doyle.  Colin has climbed the clock tower and threatens to kill himself if Father Gilbert gets any closer.  Colin gives him a medallion to hold and then kills himself anyway.  When the police arrive, there is no evidence of a body anywhere.  Well, except that medallion that Father Gilbert has and no other explanation of how he got it. 
So starts a series of very strange murders and thefts.  
An interesting read, with several twists and turns.  It is a mixture of Agatha Christy and Frank Peretti.  There is more afoot in the quiet little church than anyone would have guessed.  Well, more than most outsiders would have guessed anyway, it seems to be the worst-kept secret in town. 
I will definitely look for more Father Gilbert books, whether in audio or book form.  It was a fun little read, but one I would not recommend reading in the dark while home alone.
Happy Reading,  

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