Monday, February 15, 2016

New Releases - February 7 - 13

Dear Readers,

Happy Valentine's Day.

I have a few new titles for you and one of them is going to be one of my favorite books and yes I reviewed it earlier as I thought it would be on my shelves by then and couldn't wait to tell you.

Happy Reading,

The Secret to Hummingbird Cake - Celeste Fletcher McHale - 3 women, friends since 1st grade, continue to live life together.  Fun, silly at times and yet powerful.

Kissed by a Cowboy - Debra Clopton - #3 - A Four of Hearts Ranch Romance - Cassidy's faith is on rocky ground.  Divorced and determined to stay single forever, she retreats to a farm she inherited.  She is going to run the strawberry farm and open a bed and breakfast.  Jarrod missing his chance at a family and happiness years earlier, now he is determined to show Cassidy, love is worth it in the end.

Amish Sweethearts - Leslie Gould - #2 Neighbors of Lancaster County - Zane and Lila grew up best friends.  Just as Zane is ready to declare his love, Lila's father arranges to have her courted by another.  Zane in anger runs off and joins the Army.  Will these two sweethearts ever find their way back to each other?

A Sweet Misfortune - Maggie Brendan - #2 Virtues and Vices - Rachel will take care of herself.  She will find a way to get the money to buy back her family ranch.  When her brother finds out what she is up to he sends her away to John McIntyre's home for safekeeping.  When she finds out he is the reason they lost the ranch to begin with she knows she can't stay.

On Lone Star Trail - Amanda Cabot - #3 Texas crossroads - The last time Gillian had anything to do with a man on a motorcycle she lost the use of her right hand and her promising career as a concert pianist.  TJ has been wandering the country after his wife died, when his broken motorcycle lands him in with a rescuer who would rather never have met him, he wonders about God's sense of humor. Two hurting people who need each other, but will they figure it out for themselves?

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