Monday, February 1, 2016

New Releases - January 26 - 30

Dear Readers,

I actually only got 5 books read on my week long vacation.  But boy they were some good ones and I can't wait to share them with you.  In the meantime, here are a few titles to keep you busy.

Happy Reading,

The Centurion - Ken Gire - Lucius has always dreamed of Roman glory.  Curious about the "King of the Jews" he keeps hearing about he seeks out his followers.  He falls in love with one, but his military career interrupts and he is sent off to battle.  Years later when he returns to Rome, he must figure out what is really worth dying for.

The Newsmakers - Lis Wiehl/Sebastian Stuart - Erica's news career skyrockets when she records a tragedy accidently, getting the scoop on the other networks.  When it happens a second time she begins to wonder if the tragedies are accidents of if there is something more sinister going on.

Renovating the Richards - Virginia Smith - #2 Tales from Goose Creek - Millie is busy renovating their drafty old house and Al is writing the checks.  But things in Goose Creek don't stay quiet long.  The intra-county softball game is coming and Al is volunteered to coach as team that is sure to be an embarrassment.  And don't get the ladies started about the new business going in downtown!

The Feathered Bone - Julie Cantrell - Amanda Salassi is a chaperone for her daughter's 6th grade class trip to New Orleans.  When on the girls on the trip goes missing, Amanda spirals into depression and guilt.  Will she ever be able to move past the lost or will it cost her everything?

The Confession of X - Suzanne M. Wolfe - (backcover) Before he became the father of the Christian Church, Augustine of Hippo loved a woman whose name has been lost in history.  This is her story.

Always Watching - Lynette Eason - #1 Elite Guardians - Wade Savage has a stalker.  His father hires one of the Elite Guardians to protect him.  When that guardian is almost killed in the line of duty, Olivia steps in.  Not only will her skills be tested in keeping Wade alive, her heart is in danger also.

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