Monday, February 29, 2016

New Releases - February 22-27

Dear Readers,

Happy Leap Day.  An extra day of reading this year!  How exciting.  New titles!  Even more exciting.

Happy Reading,

Sense and Sensibility - Sarah Price - #4 The Amish Classics series - Henry Detweiler passes leaving a wife and 3 daughters.  His son from his  first marriage takes them in, but not too happily.   The women move to a small to a small cottage and hope to get their lives together.  Mary Ann hopes to marry a young man who should inherit his family farm and Eleanore pines for a young man, but quietly.

The End of Law - Therese Downs - A novel of Hitler's Germany - Berlin 1933 - Two men are picked to lead the T4 euthanasia programme.  SS Officer Walter Gunther is loyal to the Reich and will kill anyone without question.  SS Officer Karl Muller, trainee doctor is told that what he is doing fits in the Hippocratic oath.

Come to the Garden - Jennifer Wilder Morgan - Inspired by true events - Jenn got a surprise on her birthday she didn't expect.  A angel in her garden.  Not a statue, but a real live funny and charming angel.  Jenn had been questioning God recently and Margaret, as the angel calls herself, is there to help Jenn by answering her questions and helping her to understand.

Covered Bridge Charm - Dianne Christner - Carly doesn't fit the mold of a typical Conservative Mennonite, but she loves her life.  When she decides to find a long lost love of one of her charges at the retirement home she works at, she enlists the help of Adam Lapp.

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