Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Release - The Confessions of X - Suzanne M. Wolfe

Dear Readers,

There seems to be a huge wave of books about the woman behind, well which ever famous, historical man you want to pick.  Martin Luther, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and now Augustine of Hippo.  The Confessions of X by Suzanne M. Wolfe is the story about Augustine and the woman he loved.  I think the thing I find most interesting here is that we don't know her name.  We know she existed, but do not know her name.  It has become lost to history.

Augustine loved her before he became the father of the Christian church.  They were of different classes and their love was doomed from the beginning.  She became his lover and bore him a son.  She watched as he walked his spiritual journey which would change their relationship forever.

This book represents a chance to get to know a well know figure a little better.  A chance to put a face on the legend so to speak.  A chance to know the man instead of the historical icon.  I really do love when authors take these type of stories on, it gives me a chance to relate to someone I have little or nothing else in common with other than we are both human.

I am looking forward to reading about X and learning more about her and Augustine.

Happy Reading,

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