Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New Release - Renovating the Richards - Virgina Smith

Dear readers,

I am always looking for those sweet little stories that you can share with many different readers.  I think Virginia Smith's series, Tales from the Goose Creek B&B, is just such a series.  Light hearted, cute and just fun to read this series makes you want to move to Goose Creek just to join the neighborhood.

Book#2, Renovating the Richardson finds Millie still busily getting the Bed and Breakfast ready and all Al seems to find to do is write the checks.  When Millie volunteers him to be one of the managers for the team for the inter-county softball team.  The team is terrible and the only way to make them even a little better is to have Justin play.  The problem?  Justin doesn't live in town.

That is where the rumors and gossip really starts going.  Not only is there rumors about Justin and the new vet, but the new massage parlor is really getting them going.  Will cooler head prevale?  Will the softball team keep from embarrassing themselves?  Will the B&B ever get done?

Life is a small town is never dull.

Happy Reading,

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