Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ted Dekker

Dear Readers,
Last year Ted Dekker released A.D. 30, which reminded me how good a storyteller he is.  He wove a beautiful tale of Maviah and her search for love and exceptance from first her earthly father and then when he is killed, by others around her.  Her searched only ended when she was introduced to Jesus.  
It was a wonderful reminder to us all, that no matter how important or how unimportant we are, we are loved perfectly by our heavenly father.  Now Ted continues Maviah's story in A.D. 33.  We move forward in Maviah's story and how she is still trying to live her life according to what she learned from Jesus or Joshua as he is called in this book.  
That is not as easy as it seems as Maviah and her band of outcasts are living with the idea that Joshua is here for an earthly kingdom.  They don't understand that he is here to die for all mankind, not to free the Jews or any other outcasts that follow him.  
Once again Ted's story keeping skills come into play.  He takes us to a place of great despair and wonderful mountain tops. He reminds us that the walk we are called to isn't always easy, sometimes it takes us to places we don't know that we can survive, but He has promised to always walk along side of us even in times we are not sure he is there.  
Even if you have sworn off Ted's books because of how dark they have been in the past (I will admit I was close to doing that myself), come back and try this little series.  I know I gave a couple hints away from book number one, but really it isn't anything that you can't figure out by reading the title.  
Happy Reading. 

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