Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Release - Cup of Dust - Susie Finkbeiner

Dear Readers,

I am so excited to be able to tell you that A Cup of Dust by Susie Finkbeiner is on our shelves.  It is the third book that Susie has written and I can hardly wait to start reading it.

Pearl is 10 years old and growing up in Oklahoma during dust bowl.  Because her father is the town Sheriff they are a little better off than most families, but her mother shares their "wealth" with any and all in need.  Life is secure for Pearl.  That is until Eddie jumps of the train already knowing Pearl's name. Who is he and why does he make her so uncomfortable?

A Cup of DustStories that make you think they really happened, those are my favorite to read.  Sometimes that means bad things happen to your favorite characters and knowing Susie's writing style Pearl's world will not remain perfect.  But Susie also makes sure we all understand how to get through the tough times.

That is why books that don't have everything wrapped up in a bow by the end of the book are the best books.  They let you walk alongside and learn what it was like to grow up in the middle of the depression when there really seemed to be no end in sight.  Families completely uprooted, left everything behind and started over elsewhere.

Most of us still living have no idea what that is like, thankfully there are still fiction books being written that do give us that small glimpse into those stories.

Happy Reading,

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