Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Librarians Day

Dear Readers,

Today is a big day at our store.  If you have read this blog for a few years now, you know all about our Librarian's days that we host in the Fall and Spring.

We have anywhere from 80-90 librarians in the store to purchase new books for the libraries.  Yes it is a good day for our store, but the best thing?  To have so many people in the store that are so excited about books.  I can say how many times during the day I hear, "I wish that I could buy them all."

I know that feeling, it is similar to the feeling, "I wish that I could read them all."  But to be part of the process of making sure all the newest and best books get into the hands of readers - that is an honor that is hard to describe.  I know for non - readers it makes no sense, but to readers what a fun time.

All day long that is all I do find, recommend, and talk about books.  It is pretty much a prefect day.  Of course the next day Wednesday, I sleep most of the day as working 12 hours is a lot harder to do that it use to be.  The funny thing about that?  I only really feel it once I leave the building and start to relax.  The ride home is the hardest part of the day.

Now that the day is upon me, I can just enjoy.  The work for the next one starts tomorrow, well maybe Thursday. :-)

Happy Reading,

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