Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Release - The Fruitcake Murders - Ace Collins

Dear Readers,

The are several readers that shop at our store that when I mention a new Ace Collins book, are usually here with in a couple of hours.  He has some very loyal fans and that makes it fun to recommend his latest release, The Fruitcake Murders.

In 1946 during the Christmas season, Chicago was in the grip of a serial killer.  He was terrifying people but his murder weapon was leaving more than one person puzzled, twenty year old fruitcake. The victims don't seem to have anything else in common except that, they were all killed with a fruitcake.

The+Fruitcake+MurdersLane Walker is tasked with solving the murders, but this won't be an easy thing to do.  Not only does he struggle to find the connection, political reporter, Betsy Clayton keeps getting in the way.

Ace's books are just plain and simply fun to read.  They have good mysteries to them, quirky character and the historical settings are well described.  He has a way of making you feel like you are in cold, blustery Chicago and if you are not there, you definitely want to walk the streets and see all the sights he talks about.

Pull up a chair and help detective Lane solve a strange string of murders.

Happy Reading,

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