Monday, October 19, 2015

New Releases - Oct. 12 - 17

Dear Readers,

The middle of the month already.  I know my TBR list should be shorter by now, but it is not, and with these good books continuing to arrive here at the bookstore.   What to do what to do?  I guess I will just keep plodding away at it and maybe someday I will find the bottom.

Happy Reading,

Valley of Decision - Lynne Gentry - #3 the Carthage Chronicles - After her mother made the choice to protect her, Maggie returns to 3rd century Carthage.  She returns to chaos and her grandmother's murder trial.  But Maggie is determined to change history.

A Wedding at the Orange Blossom Inn - Shelley Shephard Gray - #3 Amish Brides of Pinecraft - Emma's husband past away several years ago and yet her family expects her to stay a widow and honor his memory.  But Jay is a widower with 3 sons and there is something about him that makes Emma wonder if there could be more.

The Fruitcake Murders - Ace Collins - The only connection that homicide detective Lane Walker can find with the three victims is the murder weapon.  Old fruitcake tins.  Will Lane find a connection before the murder strikes again?

Murder, Plainly Read - Isabella Alan - #3 An Amish Quilt Shop Mystery - Angie is surprised she can find the time to organize the annual book sale.  Between her shop and new boyfriend it is hard to believe she can do anything else.  Of course the help of Austina Shaker does help.  But a dead body in Austina's bookmobile may ruin her forever.  Will Angie be able to figure out who-dun-it before someone else ends up dead?

Duplicity - Newt Gingrich/Pete Earley - Ripped from today's headlines, what if the there was someone leading the Islamic terrorist groups.  Organizing them and coordinating their efforts and attacks?  Is America prepared to stop them?

Luther and Katharina - Jody Hedlund - A Novel of Love and Rebellion - Katharina von Bora thought her life at the cloister was all she could hope for.  That is until Martin Luther took on the church and challenged the cloistered life and opened a new world of possibilities to Katharina

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