Monday, October 5, 2015

New Releases - Sept/ 28 - October 3

Dear Readers,

October already.  Not sure I am ready.  Here at the store it is always one of our busiest months for events.  We have author visits, librarians can and several booktables and conferences we are working at.  It makes the time go very quickly.  But most importantly, it gives us all a chance to meet and greet fellow readers alongside the authors.  It is fun and an exciting time here at the store.

In the meantime, good fiction books continue to flow into the store.

Happy Reading,

Cup of Dust - Susie Finkbeiner - Pearl is living in Oklahoma during the dust bowl years.  Life is hard, but she is loved and happy.  That is until the strange man jumps off the train and calls her by name.

Deadlock - DiAnn Mills - #3 An FBI:Houston Novel - Does Houston have a serial killer or is it just a copycat killer trying to get away with murder.  Bethany Sanchez is eager to solve the crimes and show that she is is very capuble at her new job.  But her new partner might be a problem.  He is the same detective who once arrested her brother.

Eve - WM. Paul Young - When a shipping container washes ashore containing a young woman barely alive.  Many begin to wonder who she is.  It is discovered that she is no other than Eve, as in Adam and Eve.

Lightning - Bonnie Calhoun - #2Stone Braide Chronicles - Torn between two worlds, Selah had hoped finding her real father would answer all her questions.  Instead it has made new ones alongside trouble for not only her but her family she left behind.

The Columbus Code - Mike Evans - (from the backcover) When Christopher Columbus set out to discover the new world, was it because he wanted to serve king and queen or because he wanted to flee them?  Did he have stronger ties to Jerusalem than anyone suspected?  Was Columbus actually a Jew fleeing the Spanish Inquisition?

Another Way Home - Deborah Raney - #3 A Chicory Inn Novel - Grandbabies are arriving in the Whitman family left and right.  Except for Danae and Dallas.  She is ready to adopt, but he won't talk about it.  So she pours herself into volunteer work and finds a different answer to her longing.

Redemption - Beth Shriver - #3 The Spirit of the Amish - Fannie agrees to help Dr. David in the clinic to get away from a mother who won't quite planning Fannie's life.  Dr. David asks her to help only because he needs help.  What they find instead may change everything for both of them.

When Love Returns - Kim Vogel Sawyer - #3 The Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy - The conclusion to the Suzanne and Paul story.  One that began many years ago with a teenage pregnancy.  Twenty years later they still have feelings for each other, but will they be able to get over their painful past.

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