Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New Release - Luther and Katharina - Jody Hedlund

Dear Readers,

When you have heard about a historical figure all your life, sometimes it is easy to forget that they are actual people.  You know, people who have families and sometimes other jobs that have nothing to do with what we know them for.

Luther and Katharina by Jody Hedlund is a great reminder that Martin Luther was not just a guy who happened to rock the church, but he also fell in love with a beautiful woman and struggled to protect her while he was challenging the church.

Katharina von Bora was a nun and she expected nothing more of her life until she reads the writings of Martin Luther.  He awakens those longing she has long held in check because she was told they were not for her and she had no hope of gaining them.

It is hard to go on without just repeating what the backcover has written on it.  But this story is a great way to learn more about a man who could no longer keep quiet about the injustice of the church of his time.  He changed the world for not only all believers then and to come, but also for one little nun.
Reformation day is at the end of this week and it is the perfect time to learn more about the man who made it all possible.

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