Thursday, July 16, 2015

Zachary Bartels

Dear Readers,
When we hosted Zachary Bartles' launch party for The Last Con on the 7th of July, I mentioned that we here at Baker Book House love to support local authors.  Thankfully Zach is a local author and we get to support and read some really good books.  
The Last Con is about Fletcher Doyle.  He is a con man, and he thought he was pretty good at it. However, he got caught and has spent the last 6 years in jail for his crimes.  He is now back home trying to get his life back together and regain his relationship with his wife and daughter.  
He found Jesus in prison and is ready to start over as a new man.  He agrees to go on a mission trip as a chaperone with his new church. The only hitch is, it is to his old stomping ground, Detroit, MI.  He gets an okay from his parole officer and is off with his family hoping to make new connections with them.  
Of course you know things don't go well and soon Fletcher is realizing his faith might now be quite what he thinks it should be and he struggles.  
Well, now I am getting too close to the mystery itself and I don't want to give any clues away.  I hate when reviewers do that.  Just know that the mystery is a good one and fun to follow.  Zach does a good job laying out clues, you just have to find them.  You will get a little history lesson also about icons and relics, but it fits into the story and makes it all the more interesting.  By the way did you know... Oh wait that is part of the mystery and I don't think you want to know before you get started. 
So pull up a chair and enjoy a good read with Zachary's second book. 
Happy Reading,  

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