Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New Release - Undercover Bride - Margaret Brownley

Dear Readers,

This time of year I can not resist recommending at great book to take to the beach.  Undercover Bride by Margaret Brownley is second in the Undercover Ladies series.  It is a series about women who work for the Pinkerton Detective agency and of course the cases never go quite as planned.

Maggie Cartwright is posing as a Mail-Order Bride.  They suspect Garrett Thomas of being the Whistle-Stop Bandit and Maggie is certain she can solve the case long before she would be forced to walk down the aisle with him.

When Maggie arrives in town, she is meet with Garrett's meddlesome Aunt who insist they move the wedding date up.  Making Maggie have to work even harder for the answers to her case.  Garrett on the other hand is a bit confused by the woman who steps off the train, she is nothing like the letters she had sent him.  But he finds her attractive and is ready to protect her from anything and everyone who threatens her.

You just know that this is going to be a story filled with hijinx and laughter.  Nothing ever happens in these books as any of the characters think it should.  I love to read these type of books while sitting on the beach with family or friends.  It is easy to look up and join a conversation, but even easier to go back to reading to enjoy a fun little western.

Happy Reading,

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