Monday, July 27, 2015

New Releases - July 20th - 25th

Dear Readers,

Got bunches of books read last week and looking forward to talking to you all about them.  Wonder which one to report on first.  Ah well I guess I will have to wait and see. 

Happy Reading,

Center of Gravity - Laura McNeill - Ava marries the perfect man, loving, caring hand handsome.  He comes with an adorable little boy.  But as their marriage goes on, Mitchell starts revealing a different side.  A side that seems a bit more sinister.  

Balm of Gilead - Adina Senft - #3  Healing Grace novel - Sarah Yoder hasn't seen Henry since he left the community when he became engaged to an Englisch woman.  She can only extend his friendship as he never became a member of the church, but a growing attraction is getting harder to deny.

Made with Love - Tricia Goyer/Sherry Gore - Lovina love living in Pinecraft, FL.  There is lots to do in the small Amish community.  The one thing she is most interested in is a pie shop of her own.  Is Noah the one to give her her heart's desire? 

Midnight on the Mississippi - Mary Ellis - Murder and intrigue in the deep south.  Nicki is a brand new PI and ready to show what she can do.  But will her first case be her undoing as she starts to find herself attracted to the prime suspect?

Through Waters Deep - Sarah Sundin - Waves of Freedom #1 - Set during WWII. Naval officer Ensign Jim Avery works on a navy destroyer escorting ships through the treacherous waters of the Atlantic.  When he discovers sabotage aboard his boat, he works with his childhood friend Mary Stirling.

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