Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kate Breslin

Dear Readers,

Kate Breslin attacked the Christian fiction market last year with For Such aTime.  It was one of the few books by a new writer that everyone seemed to be talking about.  Before I even got a chance to get it read, I had readers coming in and asking for it.   Now they are asking when her next book will release.

Not by Sight is that book and it was worth the wait.  I will tell you if you are expecting a book like the first one, you will be disappointed.  Not by Site is very different and shows Kate’s versatility.  This one is more of a romance, but it shows what it was like to live in England during WWI.  There is more lightness to the book and even parts you will laugh out loud at.  Like I said, a very different book than the intense For Such a Time.

Grace Mabry believes every healthy male should be off fighting the Germans, not just the working class, but also the upper class, and she is about to call Jack Benningham out as a coward.  She plans on giving him a white feather which by tradition you give to the men who are too cowardly to go fight with the rest of the boys.  She is sure she is on the side of the right. 

Jack calls himself a conscientious objector to the war.  He enjoys the life of a rake and plays the part well.  But what he really is, is working for the Crown trying to catch German spies on British soil. 

What happens next you will have to find out for yourself.  It does include spies, lies and interesting twists.  Of course it did help that I was in England at the time of reading this book, but I enjoyed it thoroughly and am looking forward to Kate’s next book. 

Happy Reading

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