Monday, July 6, 2015

New Releases - June 29 - July 4

Okay that is a couple days late, but Happy 1/2 way through summer day.  Oh that is depressing I am not quite ready for fall yet.  But lets not think about that and enjoy these wonderful days of summer and once again a beautiful list of books.

Happy Reading,

The Wonder of You - Susan May Warren -A Christiansen Family novel #5 - Amelia is back home.  Her year aboard is cut short and she is certain that she is not ready to embrace the life the family has planned for her.  When an new old flame returns to ask her forgiveness all is slightly topsy turvy for her.

A Promise of Grace - Lynette Sowell - #3 Seasons of Pinecraft - Rochelle keeps her past firmly tucked away.  There are many painful memories and she wants nothing to do with them.  She decides to return to nursing school, something she had to give up years ago.  As she is finding her way, her past come back to town.  Is she ready to face it?

Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor - Melanie Dobson - Libby Dolye captured the heart of the heir of Landenbrooke Manor.  After he is murdered she disappears.  45 years later, her sister Heather comes to close up her parents house.  What she finds begs more questions than answers. 

Joseph's Dilemma - Ervin R. Stutzman - Return to Northkill #2 - Taken captive as a teenager, Joseph is caught between two worlds.  He is unsure of what the future holds for not only himself but also for the woman he loves and the people he has come to understand.

Blessing - Lyn Cote - #2 Quaker Brides - After becoming a young widow, Blessing returns to her Quaker faith and vows to fight for women's rights and abolition.  Then Gerard Ramsey arrives and town and she may go back on the vow to never marry again.

Undercover Bride - Margaret Brownley - #2 Undercover Ladies - Maggie has no intention of ever walking down the aisle, but this new case of her's may cause problems.  Posing as a mail - order bride to help catch a thief, Maggie is beginning to have feelings for her suspect.  Will her feeling get in the way of catching the Whistle -stop Bandit? 

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