Thursday, July 2, 2015

New Release - Love arrives in Pieces - Betsy St. Amant

Dear Readers,

The Summer months are upon us and the dog days of summer are rapidly approaching.  It is time to start getting that pile of books ready to take to the beach.  There is something about the reads that you take to the beach that may or may not be a little different that what you normally read.  I know a couple people that only read romances while at the beach.  They don't know why as that is not what they really like to read, but as one of them put it, "there is something about sitting in the sun, with no time pressures or worries that makes a lovely romance the perfect fit."

Maybe that is it, but what ever the reason, Love Arrives in Pieces by Betsy St. Amant should be the perfect fit.  Not only is it a romance, the story of two hurting people finding each other at the right time, it is also the story of those two people working at healing together.

Stella has always known her identity.  It was her beauty.  She worked the beauty pageant circuit, but now after a divorce and age has her wondering who she really is.  She no longer feels beautiful so spends her time making things beautiful with her design work.  Her next job better come soon or she may end up living with her parents.

Chase lost his fiancee and is now living a life with no regrets.  He lives fast, trying to accomplish as much as possible.  He returns to his home town to renovate the old theater in town and finds out his old flame Stella has just been hired to do the design work.  Will their old chemistry kick in again?

Betsy's books always seem to have that element to them that leaves you thinking about things you wouldn't normally.  What is it like for an aging beauty queen?  What happens when the beauty fades and all your life you have had only that to identify yourself with.  Interesting.  So not only a romance but also a story line that will make you think.  Hmm  sounds like the perfect anytime read.

Happy Reading,

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