Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Release - The Lost Garden - Katharine Swartz

Dear Readers,

Marin Ellis is looking for a new start, but what she gets is a little different than she expected.  She becomes guardian to her half-sister Rebecca.  Marin's father and second wife are killed in a car accident and have named Marin in the will.

Lost+GardenMarin is unsure how to proceed with adjusting their two very different lives to each other and when Rebecca asks to live in the small town of Goswell, Marin sees it as a chance to connect.  After they arrive, Rebecca becomes interested in what lies behind the garden gate  that is covered in brambles.  What they find is a garden with lots of surprising secrets.

Once again Katharine Swartz leads us on a merry tale of past and present in The Lost Garden.  It even reminded me of the book, the Secret Garden, but for adults instead.  A gentle story of two very different sisters who have had very little if not next nothing to do with each other learn to love and care for not only each other, but find their way together.

Set in England The Lost Garden also contains the story of Eleanor and the reason she started working in the little garden and how it also worked to make her soul blossom again.

I look forward to the chance to get to read this book by Katharine as I have enjoyed her other books a great deal.

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