Monday, June 15, 2015

New Releases - June 8 - 13

Dear Readers,

Schools are out for the summer.  The pace of life seems to slow down a bit for a couple of months and that outdoor reading chair is begging to be filled.  Need a couple of ideas?  Here a few new titles that will make excellent companions for those warm summer nights.

Happy Reading,

Until Shiloh Comes - Karl A. Bacon - #1 the Shiloh Trilogy - At the battle of Shiloh during the Civil War Stanley is shot and wounded along side Aaron a Confederate soldier.  When Aaron's family comes looking for him, Stanley, on the condition of receiving help, tells them where to find him.  When the Matthews bring him home, everything begins to change.

Day of Atonement - David A. deSilva - What happened in Jerusalem between the pages of Malachi and Matthew?  The story of Jason is written about the time leading up to the Maccabean revolt.

Direct Hit - Mike Hollow - The Blitz Detective - (from the backcover) - A corpse is discovered in a van in the backstreets of West Ham.  Detective Inspector John Jago recognizes the dead man as a local Justice of the Peace... But then a German bomb Obliterates all Evidence.

Summer's List - Anita Higman - Even though Summer has her bookstore and her beloved granny, she longs for something... someone more.  An unexpected trip open the door once again for romance for Summer.  Will it all work out this time for Summer?

London Tides - Carla Laureano - #2 the MacDonald Family Trilogy - After the death of a close friend, Grace returns to London hoping to rekindle the flames of romance.  But Grace hurt Ian once before when she chose her career over him and he isn't ready to trust her again.

Empire's End - Jerry Jenkins - The story of Paul.  What was the apostle really like?  What was it like to walk along side Paul before and after his conversion?  With great research Jerry gives us a glimpse of the answers to those questions.

Married Until Monday - Denise Hunter - Chapel Springs Romance #4 - A chance to win back the love of his life.  Ryan is given a golden opportunity to win back his ex-wife when they are both invited back for her parents anniversary party.  How hard could that be?

Murder Freshly Baked - Vannetta Chapman - Amish Village Mystery #3 - Amber thinks she has seen it all, until notes warning that some of the pies at the Amish bakery are poisoned.  Who would want to poison a pie? and then write notes warning people about it.  With the help of Hannah Amber is determined to figure out the mystery before anyone gets hurt.

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