Monday, June 22, 2015

New Releases - June 15 - 20

Dear Readers,

I give up, I have no way of reading every good book that comes into the store.  I surrender, the publishers win, they have officially printed more books than I can hope to read... 

Happy Reading,

Beyond the Ashes - Karen Barnett - #2 The Golden Gate Chronicles - In San Francisco in 1906, Ruby is looking for a new purpose as her brother's assistant.  She arrives shortly after the great earthquake and knows that helping the city rebuild will help her.  What she didn't know was she may have a second chance at love.

A Flying Affair - Carla Stewart - With aviation fever spreading across the nation, Mittie is determined  to win the Women's National Air Derby and is prepared to do almost anything to make it happen.  But when her rival in the air becomes her rival in love, Mittie has to figure out if the cost is worth it.

The Rescued - Marta Perry - #2 Keepers of the Promise - Judith is trying to mend a rift between her husband and his teenage brother.  She turns to a women from many years before who learned to ask for help from others.  Will Judith be able to stand up for her beliefs and help those she loves?

Agenda 21: Into the Shadows - Glenn Beck/Harriet Parke - Everything changed in America when the UN passed agenda 21.  Now the people live behind compound walls and serve the Authorities.  Emmeline and her husband have heard rumors of those who live outside the wall.  Are the rumors true?  Can Emmeline and David reach the "Shadows" before the Guard catches them?

To Capture Her Heart - Rebecca DeMarino - #2 The Southold Chronicles - 1653 on what will become Long Island, New York.  Heather Flower's wedding is interrupted when a rival tribe attacks and kills her groom.  Rescued by Dirk Van Buren she is brought to a friend home where Heather Flower needs to decide to follow her heart or stay true to her friend.

Hope Harbor - Irene Hannon - Life happens and Tracy finally finds her way back to the cranberry farm she never wanted to leave.  She also carries a tragic secret, one that makes her want to stay away from romance.  That is until she meets Michael, who has also sworn off romance.

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