Monday, June 8, 2015

New Releases - June 1 - 6

Dear Readers,

I love that the summer reading season has gotten off to such a wonderful start.  The great titles continue to roll in and it looks like there is no end in sight.

Happy Reading,

Water from my Heart - Charles Martin - Charlie Finn has made a place for himself on the fringe of privileged society.  Providing something that "if he didn't do it someone else would."  But when tragedy strikes his partner and friends family, Charlie begins to rethink his life.

Centralia - Mike Dellosso - Peter Ryan wakes up to an empty house.  He doesn't remember the car crash that kills his wife and daughter, but when he finds a note from his daughter he begins to question what is real and what isn't.  Soon he is on the run trying to discover what to believe.

Drawing Fire - Janice Cantore - #1 Cold Case Justice - The only lead Abby Hart has on a possible serial killer is a very irritating private investigator.  Will she be able to figure out who is murdering elderly women and why before Luke drives her crazy or before something else develops?

Five Brides - Eva Marie Everson - 5 independent women who live together are out shopping in downtown 1950 Chicago.  They spy a wedding dress and decide to pool their money and buy it, even though none have a steady boyfriend.  What will their future hold and who will get to wear the dress?
Justified - Varina Denman - alcoholic #2 Mended Hearts - Fawn feels the judgment of others because of her unplanned pregnancy.  It is a judgment that she herself has passed on others over the years.  What her heart longs for is forgiveness, hope and love.

The  Case of the Sin City Sister - Lynne Hinton - #2 A Divine Private Detective Agency Mystery - Sister Eve is unsure if her newly found gift is actually a gift or just a temptation.  She takes a leave of absence from the convent to figure it out.  When her sister goes missing Eve sets out to find her and may end up finding the answers she seeks.

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