Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New Release - The Case of the Sin City Sister - Lynne Hinton

Dear Readers,

The Case of the Sin City Sister is book #2 in the Divine Private Detective series by Lynne Hinton.  They are a fun little series about a nun who finds out that like her father, she has a knack for solving mysteries.

For Sister Eve she isn't sure if it is actually a calling or a temptation meant to draw her away from her true calling.  She needs time to figure out which direction to go and so she takes time off from the convent and becomes a PI along side her father. 

When her troublesome sister, Dorianne, seems to go missing, Eve takes matters into her own hands to find her and make sure all is okay.  The search for Dorieanne leads to Sin City itself and becomes are race for her life.  Will Eve be able to understand the clues before something sinister happens?

Written with a bit of roughness around the edges, Lynne captures some very interesting characters.  Eve and her father has this certain quirk that makes them very believable as PIs.  They are fun to read about and it is entertaining to walk along side them and solve the mysteries. 

The mysteries themselves are not easily solved and that make for a very fun read. 

Happy Reading,

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