Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kristy Cambron

Dear Readers,
After reading The Butterfly and the Violin by Kristy Cambron I could hardly wait to see what she was going to do next.  Finally A Sparrow in Terrezin arrived and I was so excited to get started.  I waited until I was headed out on vacation and disappeared once again into the story of Sera and William.
Once again Kristy blends a contemporary story with a historical story.  Using WWII as the backdrop we meet Kaja this time.  She is a young lady whose parents risk everything to send her and her sister out of Poland as the Germans march in.  She finishes her education in Palestine and moves to England to work.  Her heart is back in Prague with her parents, but she knows she is safer in London.  That is until she reads the headlines about the death camps and how thousands of Jews are being killed.  She know she needs to return to try to save her parents. 
Sera and William are in for their own battle.  One that may cost William his freedom.  Someone in the company sold several pieces of art without the board of director's permission and seems to have pocketed the money. All the evidence they have points to William.   Sera needs to find the evidence that will correct the mistake and may also answer some of her questions about what happened between her husband and his father. It is a story that no one will talk about. 
I was just talking to a fellow employee about wars on our home soil.  We here in America have no idea what that is really like.  What is it like to have an enemy army march onto our land and tell us they are taking over and we are now all required to do what they tell us.  That may even include turning in our neighbors because of their religion or family background. 
Neither one of us had answer to what we would do if that would happen here.  The thought of running and leaving everything we own behind to try to save ourselves and our family was just not something we could really relate to.  But books like this make you remember that throughout history, people have been trying to save their families in the best way possible and sometimes it meant that they all ended up in a prison camp together. 
I have said this before and just recently, I love when fiction books generate conversations like this.  Suddenly history comes alive and we can maybe actually learn something from it.  I would love to say that we have learned from what the Nazis did, but history since then has proven that it not true.  There are still things going on in the world today that we know are the same as during WWII, maybe not huge death camps, but still one set of people trying to rid the world of another set of people and the rest of the world stands by and watches. 
And all that from a fiction book. Amazing.

Happy Reading,

P.S. I received a copy of this book from book look bloggers for my honest review.

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