Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Release - To Win Her Favor - Tamera Alexander

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Tamera Alexander quickly became a fan favorite when her historical novels started hitting the market a few short years ago.  They not only include a lovely romance, they are set is beautiful historical settings that make you want to go back in time and be part of the story.

To+Win+Her+FavorIn Tamera's newest series, A Belle Meade Plantation, she sets it at a plantation you can still visit today.  If you get a chance go on her website or facebook page and you can see the different times she has visited the plantation and all the fun things you can do while there.

In To Win Her Favor Tamera not only has the romantic setting the gorgeous Belle Meade she includes the Thoroughbred racing.  In 1869 Tennessee was the center of the racing world, not Kentucky as we think of it now and with the rich history behind the story, we are off on a wonderful adventure.

Cullen has sworn off racing after being forced to leave his home in England because of a scandal that nearly ruined him.  He comes to Nashville looking for a new life, one without horses.  But when horses is all you know it is hard to start over with something else and when he gets an offer that is hard to refuse...

Horses, hoop skirts and romance, the perfect book for passing the summer days.

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