Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New Release - 5 Brides - Eva Marie Everson

Dear Readers,

As I look over the different books that Eva Marie Everson has written, I realize what a versatile author she is.  Mystery, romance, contemporary, humor and historical.  She has written is almost every genre and I have to say I have not read them all, but the ones I have read, I loved.  So 5 Brides, Eva's newest release got my attention, not only because I love her writing, but because it has a beautiful cover.

Just after WWII 5 very different women share a flat in Chicago. Some to follow their own path, some to find a husband and one to support her family.  Each one is very different and yet they are all enjoying a bit of freedom and the new rules for women after the war.

One Saturday afternoon they are window shopping in Chicago and spot a wedding dress that they all fall in love with.  After trying it on and dream about what ifs... they decide to pool their money and buy the dress.  Each with a different dream in mind.  Will each be able to wear the dress when she marries the man of her dreams?

The 50's was a very different time in America's history.  We are home from any world wars and women have found a new strength to stand on their own.  Because of the work most of them or the mothers and sisters did during the war, they are ready to stretch their wings and see if there are other things available to them besides a husband and kids.

Eva gives us 5 very different stories to give us 5 different views of what that would be like.  Her characters are real and usually someone I would like to meet.  That is probably why I like her writing so much.  She makes me want to move into her books and live there. 
I am looking forward to meeting these woman and making new friends.

Happy Reading,

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