Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Release - Hope Harbour - Irene Hannon

Dear Readers,

I can only imagine the reaction of Irene Hannon's editors when she approached them with the idea for a new book she wanted to write.  She is one of the reigning queens of romantic suspense, a genre she helped create.  Now she wanted to write contemporary issue driven books? 

Well to say it went very well for her and her readers maybe just a small understatement. Hope Harbor is the third of her releases in the contemporary and each one has done very well, thank you.  Her readers are snapping them off the shelves and loving every minute of them.

Tracy Campbell never wanted to leave her families' third generation cranberry farm, but sometimes life doesn't go quite as planned.  Because of love she had moved away, living a life that has left her with more than one scar. 

She is back now, ready to help the farm back on to its feet and to put her tragic past behind her.  She is gun shy about love and it is not on her agenda of things she needs, but then in walks Michael Hunter, a visitor with secrets all his own.  Will these two hurting people be able to help each other find happily ever after again?

Gentle peaceful and wonderful to just relax and enjoy.  Irene had a great idea and all her fans hope she continues on with this wonderful edition to her writing list. 

Happy Reading,

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