Monday, March 30, 2015

New Releases - March 23-28

Dear Readers, 

As I write this, it is raining here and I have heard no less than 5 people say today, "it smells like spring today."  They are correct and to celebrate, here are some really good titles for you.

Happy Reading,

The Tomb - Stephanie Landsem - Martha has the reputation of being the holiest woman in Bethany.  When her brother Lazarus falls ill will she send for Jesus at the risk of exposing her secret?

Vinnie's Diner - Jennifer Allee - (from the backcover) When a freak accident leaves Allie stranded in the desert, she needs help.  But little does she know, accepting help means embarking on a harrowing journey of self-discovery...

A Faith of Her Own - Kathleen Fuller - A Middlefield Amish Novel #1 - Anna Mae has long questioned her place in the Amish community.  When a childhood friend suddenly reappears in the community, they are able to rekindle their friendship with a promise of more. 

Conversations with Saint Bernard - Jim Kraus - George Gibson is crossing off the last item on his bucket list.  The trip across America him and his wife could never take.  Along the way his daughter encourages him to adopt a Saint Bernard.  Lewis and George become traveling companions and George is able to start the healing process.

One Last Thing - Rebecca St James/Nancy Rue - Tara and Seth grew up next door to each other.  Their fairy-tale wedding was a foregone conclusion, but when Tara learns Seth's secret her Happily ever after is changed forever.

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