Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Release - Mist of Midnight - Sandra Byrd

Dear Readers,

Covers are covers.  Some make you walk right by others, ah the other ones, they make you want to drop everything you are doing and start reading right this minute.  Sandra Byrd's newest novel, Mist of Midnight is one of those drop everything and start reading me this minute books.

When you see the cover you start asking, who is the girl standing in the rain?  What is her back story and why does she look like she belongs but is a bit unsure of where she belongs?  Now that is a cover.

Mist+of+MidnightRebecca is returning from India.  She has lost everything to the uprising, her family, her friends and her home.   She is returning to England to claim her family home in Hampshire.  But when Rebecca returns she finds the locals are surprised and suspicious of her. 

A year ago a young lady arrived in town claiming to be Rebecca, moved into her home and used her family's fortune .  Shortly after arriving the young woman past away.  The servants fled and  the young woman is buried quietly at midnight.  Now no one believe Rebecca is who she claims to be.

Nothing like a mistaken identity to make a good read.  Of course setting it in England in the middle of the 1800's is always a bonus.  I have read many of Sandra's books and loved each one.  She is an author that transports you to a different time and makes you feel like you should live there.  She does her research and it shows in her writing. 

Happy Reading,

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