Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Release - Dubiosity - Kristy Barritt

Dear Readers,

Dubiosity by Christy Barritt is a book I brought into the store by the recommendation of some one who shops at our store.  They had read some of Christy's other books and looking forward to reading the new one.  When she couldn't find it on the shelf, we went looking on line to see what we could find.  I am always glad to bring in recommendations of readers, please feel free to make suggestions.

Savannah is leaving her old life behind her.  She no longer wants to be an investigative reporter and is ready to relax and find other interests.  Then two migrant workers go missing and a friend suggest that their disappearance might be a bit mysterious and suddenly Savannah's curiosity is engaged.

As the mysteries start to mount in the area, Savannah finds herself knee deep in the crimes and not sure she wants to be there.  To add to the stress, her new house mate, Clive, is making her feel things that she thought she never would.  But can she trust him? 

Mysterious disappearance, a little murder and mayhem and of course a handsome man, what more could you ask for in a suspense book?  I love being able to find a new book like this to put on the shelf.  The romantic suspense genre is really hope right now and Christy just adds one more author to enjoy.

Happy Reading,

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