Thursday, March 19, 2015

Angela Hunt

Dear Readers,

I have enjoyed Angela Hunt's books for years now.  Her book the Shadow Women is still one I recommend to readers and The Elevator remains one of those books that my book club still talks about because the discussion that night was very heated.  You will have to read it if you haven't already to find out why.

Passing Strangers is not Angela's newest work, but it does have a little stranger journey to my bookstore, or any other bookstore for that matter, than most books.  A group of well published authors got together and created their own publishing company.  Headed up by Jerry Jenkins, this adventuresome group each wrote, edited and published a book each and released them into the reading world.  I found the books because of a heads up by Angela to her followers and the rest is history.

In Passing Strangers, 3 very different people all board the same train headed for a tour of the southern seaboard.  They all bring their own baggage, both literal and figuratively.  None of they are seeking companionship and yet that seems to be what their deepest desire is.

Andie is a young woman hiding from a past she does not want to be recognized for.  Matthew a single father follow the death of his wife, just trying to do what is best for his children and keep his very busy lawyer job.  Janette who needs to run away and just be by herself for a little while.  What happens when they meet?

I think that is what is the most interesting about Angela's books, she can take something so very ordinary and turn it into something wonderful.  I have to admit I have never taken an overnight train trip any where, but this book sure did make me want to.  It also made me notice those around me and think a little more about why they were there or what their story maybe.

Take the time to join this unlikely group of travelers and you might be surprised what you learn along the way, not only about them, but about yourself as well.

Happy Reading,

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