Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New Release - Then Sings my Soul - Amy Sorrells

Dear Readers,

Sophomore books can be tough.  When an authors first release is so good, the second one can be a bit of a let down.  Amy Sorrels really hit is out of the park with her first release - How Sweet the Sound and has now released the eagerly awaited Then Sings My Soul

Then+Sings+My+SoulThe story behind the idea for this book is interesting and worth the read once you have read the book.  I am not sure you want to read it before as it may give a bit of the story line away.  There are several things that Amy bases this story on, but some of it is her own family's story.

Nel has returned home after loosing her mother.  She realizes that her father Jakob is struggling with dementia and must make decisions for him.  With the delivery of unexpected packages from the Ukraine and a mysterious gemstone, all lead Nel to start investigating her family's story and where they may have come from. 

Told with flash back to what happened to Jakob and his family while they are fleeing the genocide in Eastern Europe, this story is a reminder that we all need to remember our families history.  It is important to catch those stories before they are lost forever.

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